The lawyer

Harendranath Dunuwille’s family boasts four generations of lawyers. He remembers the dangers of having political ambitions during the second JVP insurrection and why he belongs in Kandy. Photography by Kannan Arunasalam and Menika van der Poorten. Archive photography by Studio Times, Colombo.

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  • Amila says:

    Great concept and a project well done. But I must make an observation – some of the images are not really Mr. Dunuwille’s (for example, the image of the law offices, hand holding the bullet, and the old typewriter…I should know as I’m his daughter!) But I do understand that these other images were used as a tool to enhance the story! Keep up the good work.

    • Kannan Arunasalam says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words, Amila. You are right about the lawyer offices around Kandy, but the bullet is in fact the one that struck your father. And the hand holding it is Mrs Dunuwille’s, who is presumably your mother :)

  • Dishni says:

    Congratulations Kannan and the “i am” team! A beautiful piece of work, so genuine and inspiring. We need websites like this to get back to our roots, to awaken our senses, to love our people, our own country and finally, to fall in love with ourselves! Congratulations again for posting Mr Dunuwille’s interview. You have made the correct choice. Mr Dunuwille is the perfect Kandyan gentleman, a true son of Kandy, to be on your project.

  • Helga De Silva Blow Perera says:

    Thank you. I totally agree with the above. A beautiful, true Kandyan ‘soul’. As great project.

  • Kanchana Abeysinghe says:

    Just to add to the compliments – a great initiative and wonderful concept! Well done – perhaps it would be great to get some of the Peradeniya alumni and early Peradeniya academic staff- who do have good stories to tell – especially the batches from the 50s and 60s – some of them are around suggest you catch them when you can.

    Love your site.


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